Why choosing our neutral import services to Algeciras?

Following our development policy, we end the year with the satisfaction of having added a few months ago a new hub to our port logistical network: Algeciras.

Indeed, IFS Seville, being the only complete, operational and commercial office of NVOCC services in the South of the Peninsula, turned the Port of Algeciras into a new entry point for traffics from Asia, offering the following direct services:

  • Shenzhen (24 days)
  • Shanghai (25 days)
  • Hong Kong (25 days)
  • Ningbo (27 days)
  • Qingdao (28 days)

Our clients, the forwarders, benefit from a lot of other indirect POLs from China and Far East countries, and rely on deconsolidation directly in the Port of Algecira’s warehouse, provinding faster unloading and delivery.

Our bet for the recently established hubs, in Algeciras as much as in Madrid, allowed us to decentralize unloadings and gain speed to operate and optimize road transport deliveries, continuing to satisfy our clients and offering new neutral services added up to the lanes already operating.


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