Message of Antonio J. Aznar, IFS Group Managing Director

Dear friends and colleagues,

We believe that businesses can grow by staying true to our business policies, conscientiously, and succeeding ethically.

Our mission ” Connecting the world through comprehensive logistics in an efficient, economic and ethical way for our customers, helping them grow with us ” is what inspires the IFS Group workers by recognizing the value of what they do.

The best business card of our staff at International Forwarding, Stock Cargo, SCTranseuropean and OE Spain has always been professional consistency.


This is a special moment in our company’s recent history, as we celebrate our third anniversary as part of the MSL Group:

– We have favored creativity, process innovation and responsibility.

– We have expanded our presence worldwide and our presence is multiplying in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia.

– We are the reference for neutral integral logistics operations at an international level, wishing to make a long-term impact by fostering lasting relationships with our clients and agents, and customizing each action to our clients’ satisfaction.

– We will continue with the opening of new offices, new countries and new services, meeting the needs of the market.



We face another difficult year ahead; this is good because it will allow us to overcome ourselves and once again turn difficulties into opportunities. We will be even closer to our clients by attending to their needs, helping each other to navigate the seas of uncertainty.

We will shine our commitment to provide exceptional customer service and live our core values: leadership and reference in the market seeking excellence in customer service; promotion of collective talent; responsibility, transparency and commitment to belonging to the Group project.


Looking to the future, we will accelerate our growth by building on the strength of our brand; we will work for the client who is our reason for being. We will continue to offer a varied portfolio of quality products that anticipate and satisfy your needs efficiently and dynamically, always within neutrality, the founding value of the IFS Group.


We have spent the last decades busily building our brand, which has become synonymous with our commitment to service to our customers; knowledge sharing and innovation creation.

We are grateful for your faithfulness in another year of transition.


We want to continue transmitting confidence and encouragement.

We hope you can take a little time this Christmas to reflect on your achievements in 2022 to look forward to next year.


I wish you Merry Christmas, health and vitality. We trust that your dreams continue to come true in 2023.

A very warm season’s greeting,


Antonio J. Aznar

MD | IFS Group

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