Chinese New Year: let’s anticipate your logistics

One week before the beginning of the Lunar New Year festivities, the most celebrated event in China, it’s essential to underline that the logistics sector will suffer from the cease of chinese activity.

Taking place from Jan 31 to Feb 06, we will start a new year under the sign of the Tiger, symbol of strength, protection from evil and bravery, everything the supply chain will need to overcome this time of the year which uses to disrupt the cadence of international trade. Indeed, if the Chinese New Year supposedly brings winds of change, the current situation shows that the main ports and logistical centers are still affected by the pandemic, acumulating important delays, instability of containers availability, and lack of space  to transport a high volume of merchandise.

Having said that, although we know that during next week, the whole supply chain will witness commercial and operational issues due to the absence of communication with its key actors such as exporters, forwarders, agents, etc., we give you some guidelines to anticipate the transportation of your cargo and buy time once the celebrations are over.

We remind our customers that for its import cargo, it is very important to provide all the documentation associated to the merchandise which has to arrive to Spain during the chinese holiday: B/L, copy of invoice, packing list, and above all B/L Express Release.

Regarding your export, it is crucial to bring forward the maximum of information to our agents so they can, once they are back, have all the needed data and references to proceed to the emptying and delivery of the accumulated containers during the festivities.

At commercial level, we highly recommend to foresee any enquiry related to special quotes, deliveries and collections. We will do our best to minimize involuntary delays, and all our staff remains at your entire disposal in case of any doubt or extraordinary organization giving this exceptional circumstances.

Happy new year of the Tiger!

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