About Us


Founded in Valencia by José Quilis in 1985, IFS is now an international logistics group specialized in the consolidation of goods to and from the world.

With more than 35 years of experience, the IFS Group benefits from an important and strategic national and worldwide presence, thanks to its international network of its own offices and agents. At the end of 2019, the merger with MSL Corporate is signed, making IFS be part of the multinational group.

Our distinction

Right from the beginning, IFS distinguished itself for its neutrality, a premise which has guided its quality services directed only to the professionals of the logistics sector, the forwarders. As the FIRST Neutral Logistics Operator (NLO) in the market, IFS is able to offer any type of logistics solution suitable for each of its customers, whatever their needs.

Leader in direct services and thanks to its own offices in Spain, Europe, North Africa, America (Mexico and Miami), IFS is the best option for its clients, the forwarders, regading their freight’s optimal process through the whole logistical chain, from departures to destinations.

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